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AnadoluJet Magazine


Geliştirici: Turkish Airlines
Çıkış Tarihi: 05.03.2015
Versiyon: 1.0.0



With AnadoluJet Magazine, it shines a light on Anatolian culture not only with its
travel articles, but also by covering such topics as the latest news from Ankara and
Anatolia, and Anatolian values that are on the rise or face extinction.

Now, with theAnadoluJet Magazine iPad app, you will be able to access not only all existing content in the magazine, but also expanded, exclusive content and interactive applications, demo tracks of musicians and albums, videos, image galleries, and various animations.You may use your iPad both vertically and horizontally with the AnadoluJet Magazine iPad app. You can download any of the magazines in our archive free of charge*, deleting or reloading them as you please. You can save both the page you left off when reading the magazine and other pages you like in your bookmarks. When clicking links in the magazine, you can view them in an embedded web browser without having to leave the app.* Each issue is around 150-200 MB. In order for you to load the expanded content and interactive applications, it is suggested that you use the AnadoluJet Magazine iPad app with an active Internet connection. You can read the magazines you download when you are disconnected from the Internet, but links requiring an active connection will not work.

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