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Baby Shusher by SleepMatic


Geliştirici: Omer Okan Ayvazoglu
Çıkış Tarihi: 17.05.2011
Güncelleme Tarihi: 23.07.2018
Versiyon: 5.8


Kategori: Sağlık ve Egzersiz

Best real sounds to put a baby to sleep.Make your baby sleep in peace.
Set timer , play your baby's favorite sound or your own recorded voice.
This is also the app for you to end your sleepless nights.

User Comments

Best. App. Ever. *****
by degmusic
Thank you, peace and quiet!!!

Amazing! *****
by EOlsz
This worked absolutely amazing for our baby. Literally stopped his crying and put him to sleep within minutes. This is our sanity! I highly suggest this app!!

Knocks him out *****
by Joe t 773
Set it on low volume right next to his head and he's out in 30 seconds!!

Yay *****
by Meerandy
Got my baby to sleep after driving me crazy for hours.

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Version 5.8 Neler Değişti:

-Framework update
-Minor bug fix

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