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Geliştirici: Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı
Çıkış Tarihi: 10.06.2015
Güncelleme Tarihi: 01.01.1970
Versiyon: 1.2



Is the product you’re holding genuine ?

By law all tobacco and liquor bottles in Turkey must be marked with an excise tax stamp. These tax stamps possess a number of security features and are all uniquely numbered with encrypted data linked to track & trace system holding information for each product individually.

The Turkish department of revenue is providing this app to allow the public to verify the authenticity of excise tax stamps on these products. The app is detecting some of the security features on the excise tax stamps to determine whether it is a genuine stamp. On a valid stamp the app will provide access to track & trace information specific to the product being scanned.

All use of app and reporting is carried out anonymously.

Version 1.2 Neler Değişti:

* Improved user experience of scanning
* Production site added to track & trace information
* Bug fixing

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