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TDB 2015


Geliştirici: Serhat Saban
Çıkış Tarihi: 20.02.2015
Güncelleme Tarihi: 10.07.2015
Versiyon: 1.1


Kategori: Sağlık ve Egzersiz

Dear Colleague,

As tooth decay and periodontal diseases effecting morbidity more than mortality, it eased the governments in our country to ignore the oral health politics, therefore this effected society's oral health poorly.

It has been noticed that the public mostly offer treatments to the adult patients (%96) and preventive dentistry based service given to the children is only containing %4 of the total. This situation is far from securing the next generation's oral health and contributing positively on the public health. For years, TDA has been requesting to generate a service model based on 'academıc based preventive dentistry oral health politics'. Dentist clinics are in the focus of this service model.

Like supporting various academic activities, Turkish Dentistry Association also performs a very important service at the international congresses with colleagues embracing post graduation academic and technology world every year.

Here, we will carry out a new one, 21st International Dental Congress in Istanbul. Let's live Istanbul in Istanbul.

Let's take a breath all together, with you in Istanbul...

To the new horizons…
Please save 28th-30th May 2015 on your agenda for TDA Istanbul Congress.

Best regards,
Prof.Dr. Taner YÜCEL
Turkish Dentistry Association and President of the Congress

Version 1.1 Neler Değişti:

-Scientific Program Added
-Speakers adde
-minor bug fixes

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